Uzbekistan, Assystem consider cooperation issues

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — A meeting with members of a delegation of the French company Assystem was held at the Uzatom Agency on 20 March 2019.

The creation of such a direction as nuclear energy entails the accelerated development of not only energy, but also other areas, including science, training, the growth of the country’s capabilities in agriculture, medicine, and construction. As international experience shows, the development of this industry for the state is becoming a catalyst for the development of many spheres.

Business Development Director Frederick Jenoua noted that Assystem shares the conviction that nuclear energy is necessary to ensure safe and reliable carbon-free energy supplies for the future of Uzbekistan. He briefly introduced the leadership of the Uzatom Agency to the experience of working in the field of atomic energy that Assystem has.

In particular, the company’s specialists presented potential areas for further cooperation, including issues of training and retraining of personnel in Uzbekistan in the field of nuclear energy, the possibility of organizing a seminar in Tashkent for specialists in this field. They also discussed the possibility of creating a joint engineering venture with Assystem.

An agreement was reached on establishing cooperation in the field of training and the development of Uzbekistan’s nuclear infrastructure.

Assystem is one of the three largest international companies in the field of nuclear energy worldwide and has more than 50 years of experience in complex and strictly regulated industries. Assystem today is recognized as one of the most prominent consulting and engineering companies in the global nuclear industry. Potential Assystem allows the company to work with any global supplier of technologies in the nuclear industry, including France, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Korea, India and other countries. The company has 2,800 employees worldwide who are actively developing nuclear power in several countries, including France, the UK, Turkey, Finland, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.