Mtskheta was the capital of the ancient eastern Georgian kingdom of Iberia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. It is of extraordinary importance to the Georgian people and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was here that Georgia adopted Christianity in AD 334.
2.5 hours


Technical visit 1. QARTLI WIND FARM

Qartli Wind Farm is the first wind power plant in Georgia with a total installed capacity of 20.7 MW and an annual forecasted generated electricity output of 84 100 000 kWh. The plant was commissioned on December 20 of 2016.

Technical visit 2. Zhinvali HPP (130 MW) and Reservoir

Zhinvali, also Jinvali, is an artificial water reservoir located on the river Aragvi in Georgia. The building of the hydroelectric dam formed the Zhinvali Reservoir. The dam has been built in 1986.

3 hours


Which macro trends are affecting energy investment in emerging markets today? Renewables’ contribution to serving Georgia’s electricity demand. The European experience with setting the framework for RES projects and what lessons can be learnt for Georgia’s renewable energy sector development? Why are (long term) PPA-tariffs for renewables so important from an economic, regulatory, environmental, social and sustainability (global) perspective? Renewable energy auctions: expectations vs. reality.
1.5 hours

Distribution and storage

What are grid connection options for new renewable-installed capacities? Linking resources to major energy users to attract investment for further RES development or expansion. How do relatively concentrated distribution markets affect consumers? Large vs small distrubution companies and the effects on tariffs. Electricity storage to shift excess supply to periods of peak demand. Electric car manufacturing factory in Kutaisi. What are the main barriers to smart charging and how to overcome them?
1.5 hours

PARALLEL ROUNDTABLE. Energy efficiency

How to reduce the economy’s energy intensity while allowing for continued economic growth and compliance with the country’s international commitments? Where do investments to improve energy efficiency come from? How can state-funded consumer incentives for energy efficiency attract more investments? What are the most effective awareness-raising measures to highlight the importance of saving energy?
1.5 hours

Transmission projects

The overview of rehabilitation works on existing high voltage transmission lines.  Construction of new transmission lines and substations. What is the expected increase of transmission capacities by 2025? What investment is needed for planned works? Can current transmission projects create demand to locally produce transmission equipment?
1.5 hours