Natia Turnava Met with CEO of Largest Korean Corporation K-water

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Natia Turnava met with the largest Korean corporation, Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) CEO, Hak-soo Lee.

The corporation is an investor company of one of the largest investment projects in Georgia – the Nenskra Hydropower Plant Project.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Davit Tvalabeishvili, Deputy Finance Minister Nikoloz Gagua, Deputy Director of the Partnership Fund Giorgi Danelia, Deputy Director of the Energy Development Fund Revaz Tkavadze, Ambassador of Georgia in Korea, Otar Berdzenishvili, as well as the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Georgia and the CEO of Nenskra Hydro, Sanyong Kim was also attended the meeting.

The meeting also focused on the intensification of economic cooperation between the Republic of Korea and Georgia, as well as construction and future plans for the Nenskra HPP.

The importance of the Nenskra hydropower project for Georgia was reiterated at the meeting. The meeting participants also highlighted the progress made in communicating with the locals through K-water’s efforts and implementing the social programs for the population, thus, they realized the benefits that the project might bring.

According to Natia Turnava, at the meeting, the Georgian side requested the Korean investor to continue trainings and educational programs for the local population in the future. She added that with the involvement of the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Korea and with the support of K-water, a social program is expected to be launched, within which, young people living in Chuberi and Nakra will visit the Republic of Korea to learn about their culture, tourism and business environment.
For his part, the head of the largest Korean corporation, Hak-soo Lee, expressed his readiness to further strengthen and expand the cooperation.

Korea Woter Resources Corporation (K-water) is a Korean state-owned company founded in 1967. The company is implementing 67 projects in 24 countries worldwide.