The technically feasible hydropower potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan is estimated at approximately 27.4 billion kWh of electricity per year. 

 In 2017, 7.93 billion kWh were generated at 37 currently operating hydropower plants, i.e., about 29% of the potential is used. The remaining hydropower resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan amount to 19.47 billion kWh per year. PSKEM river has the highest potential – 1,324 MW of installed capacity, which is 45.3% of the hydropower resources of Uzbekistan available for development. The remaining major rivers are TUPALANGDARYA (292 MW and 10.2%), CHATKAL with tributaries (243 MW and 8.3%), SANGARDAK DARYA (149 MW and 5.1%), KOKSU (96 MW and 3.3%), AKHANGARAN (73 MW and 2.5%), UGAM and KHALKADZHAR rivers (67 MW and 2.3%), the remaining smaller rivers (672 MW and 23%). 

 The program of measures for further development of the hydropower industry of the Republic has been developed, which includes about 80 new construction and modernization projects 

The main state-owned operating company in hydropower sector, Uzbekgidroenergo, plans to implement 4 new HPP (>30 MW) construction projects, 16 new small ones, and to modernise 21 existing HPPs until 2025.