American company to invest $ 1.2 billion in renewable energy in Uzbekistan

By Kamila Aliyeva

American company Headwall LLC intends to invest $ 1.2 billion in renewable energy in the Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan, the press service of the regional administration office reported.

Representatives of the regional administration of Surkhandarya region and Headwall LLC held a meeting and discussed cooperation issues.

During the meeting, the American side expressed interest in the implementation of the project for the construction of facilities for the production of solar energy.

The project will be implemented in the Kyztyrsky district. The project envisages the installation of solar panels with a capacity from 300 MW to 1 GW.

Also, the parties agreed that in the first phase, as an experiment, solar panels will be installed on 490 houses on the Bandihon massif.

Uzbekistan enjoys vast potential in renewable energy, and 98.5 percent is solar energy, 320 sunny days per year. The World Bank estimates that Uzbekistan solar total potential is more than about 51 billion tons of oil energy, which cannot only save a lot of oil resources, but also improve the atmospheric environment.

The country adopted the program on the development of alternative energy sources in 2013.

In particular, construction of the several solar power plants with total capacity of more than two gigawatts, creation of the International Institute for Solar Energy and the construction of the facility on the photovoltaic panel production with the capacity of 100 megawatts is planned within the framework of the program.